Delete duplicate email

One cool feature in The Bat was a smart “delete duplicate email” feature. It would scan my inbox (or any box) and delete duplicates. These happen when I am receiving email from multiple accounts (server side) and the same email (or very close) ends up in my mail box.

We have a Deduplicator. Menu > Tools > Deduplicator.

It searches for exact duplicates, so there is no chance of deleting something that may not be an actual duplicate.


Hi Gary, just played with this tool… It seem powerful enough. But, it takes many clicks to activate and I am used to doing it with a “right click” on the folder in question. They should automatically land in the trash folder.

The way the feature is setup it will only be used once in a while and not frequently…

Hi have now been testing EM Client for a few weeks and I really like what I see. There are one or two improvements that I would humbly like to suggest. This comes from experience with other products.

Gary has quite rightly pointed out that there is a “deduplication” tool buried in the main menu. It takes between 8 and 10 clicks of navigation to get duplicates deleted/moved.

I am used to being able to delete duplicates with one right click (see attached). I am also able to set automatic deletions of multiple copies of emails.

Please see below what I mean.

As a serious power user with many 100,000 of emails stored and many duplicates per day I find myself deleting duplicates regularily and it is rather cumbersome in EM Client.

My request is to add a right click link to automatically check for, and automatically move, duplicate emails to the spam/trash/any folder.

Thank you.

The Deduplicator is not meant to be used daily. It is a tool to remove duplicates after you have imported folders, or mistakenly copied a folder to another. That kind of thing.

If you are getting duplicate messages every day, it would be best to find out why, and fix that at the source.

Hi Gary,

Running a business with a number of users I need to set our mail server to copy other people emails to my mail box if they 1) have left the company 2) are on holiday 3) need supervision (student, trainees) 4) out of office redirects and so on. I also know that other users will have the same problem as me. For example I have a colleague who looks after our trainees and she also wants copies of their incoming emails, many which will be duplicates.

We also have email accounts on web sites that are copied to a number of people. The same effect as above. A typical case might be “[email protected]”. For the same reason as above, duplicates will arrive in my inbox.

I also have multiple email accounts in my name (aliases, various domains - due to working for several companies and so on) which also mean I get duplicates as they are forwarded to one email address (mine).

Customers, colleagues, business partners and other will sometimes send emails to a couple of accounts that collect in my mail box. I agree, with a lot of discipline and training I could avoid many of these emails. The only really safe way is to prevent emails having CC and BC recipients which is not going to be possible nor desirable,

Some newsletters and spam get sent to several of my accounts for some reason and they accumulate in my inbox.

The fact is that I do want to receive all these emails so that I can do my work. I just do not want to see (exact) duplicates in my inbox. Maybe I am a workaholic or a stalker…

I also do not want to add dozens of different accounts in my client. I am used to having one “primary” inbox from which I cherry pick what I read, delete, reply, file or forward and so on.

I think my request is legitimate. After all, other email clients have this ability for the reasons above. Am I really the only one requesting this?

Why has my request been moved to FAQ? Should I start a new thread?

When using the search I would often see the old emails listed in triplicate and I want to reduce the database size so I ran the dedeuplicator tool today and chose to put the duplicates in the trash. After I ran the tool all of my folders were empty! It looked like all of my emails from the past year had been moved to the trash!!! Rather than manually re-sort them I tried to revert to the last back from a couple of days ago but then realized that was a mistake because it deleted all the emails in the trash when closing. When I reverted to the back up I saw all the deleted emails but then they were immediately wiped when the account sync ran. All of my emails are gone, not just duplicates.