Delete database

I forgot password to my database. Even if I deleted the program and install it once again, it requires the password again. How do I delete the entire database so I can create a new one?


Hello Radek,
your database is located in C:\Users\YOUR WINDOWS ACCOUNT\AppData\Roaming\eM Client.

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I’m trying to do the same thing and am unable to locate the database with the above information

Hi Jeffrey

Which version of Windows?

Radek, Jeffrey,

When you go into emClient Menu -> Settings -> Storage,  does it show you where your database is located.   Olivia is pointing out the default location of it.  But it can actually reside anywhere using this setting.

You can chose another location wherever you chose, close eMClient and reopen.  em Client will create a new empty data base for you.  .

And if you wish to keep the default data folder, or if you wish just to delete it as most would do to reclaim the disk space, then proceed on  … 

John A. is onto something too, I am just fuzzy on which prior version of windows locate the appdata folder in the windows dir.    But you can try this, First you need to go to folder options and show hidden files and folders.  

Then if you know how to bring up the Run command in your windows version.   enter %appdata% and click the browse button (not OK button).  it should open the location of your appdata folder.  And then you can look for the em Client folder … And remove the entire folder if that is your wish.     After your are done, it’s up to you if you wish to change your folder options back to hide hidden files and folders.

Hope this helps