delete contacts

How do I delete contacts? One of the intro em client pages says:

“Sometimes, you may not want to keep email addresses you haven’t used in a while. Deleting them is simple too. Simply go to Contacts under Tools or press Ctrl+B. You can then press Ctrl and then click on each person you want to delete. Once you’ve highlighted everyone, simply press delete on your keyboard.”

Unfortunately this isn’t true.  Instead, up comes an error message:

Unable to complete move operation. ”Specified method is not supported.”. Please check whether the item’s account is operating correctly. 

What on earth does this mean, and how do I check? I didn’t try to move anything; I tried to delete. I ask because when I set up the program it imported a huge list of contacts most of which have nothing to do with me. I would like to eliminate them and set up my own address books or lists of contacts.

Hello Nicholas, have you opened the contacts window and tried to remove the contacts using the “delete” button on your keyboard? Can you please make a screenshot of the error and submit it to us here on the forum?

What version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer, can you please check the exact release number in Help > About? What mail/contacts/calendar service are you using with eM Client to synchronize your contacts with the server? Or are you using local folders only to store your contacts?

Are you able to remove your contacts from the Contacts view in the main window of the application under “Contacts”?