Delete Contact from list

When I type in the name of a particular person 2 email addresses show up while getting ready to send the email. One is correct, one is not. I have not been able to locate the incorrect email in my contacts. Is there a way to do a search in eM Client on email addresses?

More than likely you will find that address here.

Thank you for your reply. I went to Menu/Settings/Mail/Compose and clicked “Show Recipients”. I scrolled down the list and found the problem email address and deleted it and it disappeared from the list. Then I closed the menus and tried sending an email typing the first 3 characters of the name that contained the problem address. The problem address reappeared! I went back through the menus, but could not find the problem address listed. I even restarted eM Client, but that did not resolve the issue. Any other suggestions? Thank, Azor

If the email address is still appearing when you type a couple of letters of the persons name in the To: line, and its not coming from the suggested sent folders or stored recipient’s as in @sunriseal screenshot example above, then it will be coming directly from your contacts.

Click on “To:” and then select “All Contacts” in the dropdown on the right as in the screenshot examples below. Then search for the contact in the “Filter Contacts field at the top left”, or scroll down manually till you find the offending contact in the list. Lastly “right click on the contact” and delete it.

Or alternatively go to eM Client Contacts directly and search and delete the contact that way.



Also some suggested contacts you can manually remove them by “Clicking the X” at the end of the suggested contacts in the dropdown To: line as in the screenshot example below.

Thanks for the reply. I will keep it for future reference. Previously I had navigated to menu/settings/mail/compose and clicked on "Clear recipients’ history… This took out both email addresses so I added back in the keeper. This seems to have solved my problem for the time being.