Delete Chat history

Hi, is there a way to delete chat history or not to save conversations.


the only way how to do that is to delete and re-create chat account.


I’ve noticed that gchat is freezing my eM Client program. I’m chat with my friend quite a bit…and the chat history goes back to April. I will hit enter to send something…and the program does nothing. It will start responding a couple minutes later.

I’m thinking that it’s this history that’s slowing it down?

I tried disabling Google chat and then re-enabling it…but the chat history is still there.

I also tried removing my Gmail account completely from eM Client and adding it back…but again the chat history is still there.

What steps do I need to take to delete the chat history? I’m not sure I follow your suggestion here, George.


Nevermind…found my answer by trial-and-error:

Uninstall eM Client through Windows Add/remove programs

Delete these folders:
%User folder%\Documents\EMAIL
%User folder%\AppData\Em Client

Reinstall eM Client

Chat history has been cleared out…

I am glad you solved the problem. I have reported this issue to our developers so hopefully they will provide a solution soon.