Delete calender item if you have it open?


I was wondering: if I double click on a calender item, I don’t have the option to delete it. I have to close the item, select it and then press the delete button. I was used to have the “delete” option within the item itself.

Is there a way to add this?



1 Click select it, Right click and “delete” option is there.

You are correct. It would be nice to have a Delete button on the toolbar of the open event.

I changed this to a feature request.

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Someone just pointed out to me that even though there is no delete button, you can delete the event through Menu > Event > Delete. Thanks. :wink:


Thanks for your reactions!
@ShaunY you are right, but that is in the calender overview, if I have a specific item open, i couldn’t find a delete option (but it’s there in the menu I just read)
@Gary thanks for your information, I will use it! It would be still a nice feature to have on the top a delete button as wel (for example, to the right of “Online meeting”, there is enough space left).