Delete button

When will you have a delete button at the end of the individual line just like outlook. Also can you make the rules work on current emails as well as incoming emails. Apart from these to ideas it is still the best email client next to Outlook. All the others do not have what Emclient has.

It seems that eM Client has gone for a different approach to mail management than some have previously experienced in MS Outlook.

And in this format, the delete button is above the message preview, similar to the way it is in Thunderbird. It may also be that in the default view, because the list is a list of conversations and not messages, there is nowhere to put a delete button. Just like in the conversation view there are no reply or forward icons that you will find on individual messages.

Rules apply automatically to new messages as they arrive. If at any time you want to apply a Rule to older messages, you can right-click on the folder and choose Apply Rule.