Delete button has a light icon on light Windows theme

the delete button icon in the email notification is difficult to see, since it’s grey on a white background. Can you fix it?

Sounds like possible the theme you are using.

Try selecting a different eM Client theme via “Menu / Settings / Appearance / Themes”

You can also import themes created by other eM Client users to try as well.

“Themes gallery created by eM Client users”

I’ve tried but the issue persists in Light themes bundled in eM Client

These colours are determined by your Windows OS, as this is a notification from the Windows Action Centre, not eM Client.

I’m not sure Windows 11 sets black for the first two and grey for the last one… Are you sure you don’t have different colors set for the icons?

These are the default Light & Dark Windows action centre (Personalization) i use with Windows 11 and both have no problems with eM Client. All buttons are normal with any EMC themes.

(Light default Windows mode)

(Dark default Windows mode)

(Light Theme in eM Client) - Dark delete button showing ok


(Llight Theme in eM Client) - Dark delete button showing ok


No, I don’t mean that buttons. The ones in the email notification (check the image in the first post)

eM Client notification "Not using Windows 11 “Notifications in the tray” - Delete button Dark on white.


(eM Client Settings “Not using Windows 11 Notifications” and the “Light Theme” - Dark Delete button.

(eM Client using “Windows 11 System” Notifications using the “Light Theme” - Dark Delete button.


(eM Client Settings “Using Windows 11 Notifications” and the “Light Theme” - Dark Delete button.

Yes, that’s the issue.
See your image here:

The delete icon is grey on white

Yes the Delete button (Text) is showing “Dark” ok. Are you referring to the “Delete Trash Icon” that is ghosted ? I don’t think the Trash icon is supposed to be dark only the Delete Text.


Yes, I mean the trash icon

@Gary should the eM Client Windows “Trash Icon be ghosted” and only the Delete Text dark ? Or is this a bug in eM Client where the “Trash Icon” should actually be showing dark as well.

I tend to agree with @maicol07 that it also “Should be a dark icon” like the Text.

I’ve tested the “Dark Theme” with the latest eM Client V9 and the Windows notification (Del Trash Icon) is dark like the del text. So in my opinion the Del Trash icon should also be dark in the “Light Theme”.


Thank you @maicol07 for reporting this.

We made an adjustment, so how the icon appears should be resolved in the next release.

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