DELETE and Gmail button

Is there a way to set up DELETE to archive Gmail messages vs. Delete them?

We’re planning to use eM Client in multi-account configuration - i.e., both Gmail and Exchange and we expect users to be able to delete emails with a single button (currently - the Delete key).

The thought is that with Exchange, the messages would go to the Deleted Items (as today) but on Gmail they can’t move to the Trash as they will be deleted forever. So, the expectation is that the messages will go to the archive (All Mail) in this case - just like using smartphone apps.

Is it possible? Planned?


Hello the archive button is present in eM Client, so users can use the online archiving option, which essentially moves the messages to All Mail, however I’m afraid it is not possible to setup the delete button to use either one of the options if available e.g. if archiving is available archive the message otherwise delete. Users can setup a shortcut for the archiving button, but you can’t map a delete shortcut for the option.