Delete a message without opening it


Is it possible to delete a message without opening it?

I would like to select multiple messages and then delete it, without opening each one. When i select them holding CTRL, it shows every message i click.

How to delete or move a message (or a group of messages) without opening it?
(sometimes I dont want spammers/companies to know i open their messages, i just want to delete it)

Hope you understand me.

I have searched and found a similar issue, but with no answers… (…)



the only way how you can do this is to disable the messages preview. I know it is not very user friendly but it is the only possible solution. Simply click the menu View - Layout and choose Messages panel Off.

I am rather new to eM
but I have the same problem.

But I would realy miss this preview function.
Why is there not a possibility of thicking boxes in front of all the messages you want to delete (or move to Spam-box) and than removing all those messages at the same time?

This would really make deleting several messages more easy and efficienty !

I’m even afraid that if you would mark/tick a checkbox in front of a row, that ‘behind the scenes’ the e-mail in that row will be automatically selected, and, as a result, will be shown in the preview pane.

I know there has been posted a suggestion to make a shortcut for showing/hiding the preview pane.

Once that shortcut has been implemented, it should be able for you to temporarily hide the preview pane, multi-select e-mails, delete them, and show the preview pane again.

Unfortunately there is no other way than my colleague has suggested in his post 2 months ago.