Delayed Sending as a Rule that applies to all Sent emails?

Hi, I see eM client has added delayed send as a feature so before sending each email, it is possible to specify a delay or a schedule for sending that particular email or “Mass email”.

However, is there a feature (like that in outlook) that you can create a rule that applies to all outgoing emails, i.e., create a rule of a two minutes delay for all outgoing emails?  

I looked but could not find it. 

Thank you.

There has long been a feature in rev 6.0.xxxx that delays all sends for all emails. It’s pretty much what you request but delay is fixed at about 2-3 min. Have not timed it. Plenty of time for an “Oh-crap” recovery.

Tools->Settings->Send  uncheck box labeled “send immediately”

Thanks heaps. ejp… I had been looking in the wrong place.  Appreciate it.  Cheers. 

Hi, ejp, with the delayed sending feature you have outlined, I tried, but it seems sometimes it takes two minutes, sometimes, it takes five minutes.  Is that usual?  Thanks. 

This is sth. I was looking for and did not know already exists. But: is there anything I can do with the mail in Outbox except delete or move? I would usually want to reopen it to make corrections before it goes out.

Edit: I just tried to move it to the “drafts” folder just to be surprised to not find a way to reopen a draft for editing. (This draft existed in the Gmail-drafts-folder before starting to use eMClient)

I can double click on an e-mail in the Outbox, and then it gets opened for editing. (EmClient 6)

I use 7 RC; it opens when double-clicked, but is not editable. It is the same “open” window that appears when double-clicking any sent or received message.

Same with the messages that are already in the drafts-folder. Only messages saved as drafts from within eM-Client open editable when double-clicked.

(In the context-menu there is no option that suggests “open editable” either)

I can not comment since I do not track that. I just notice that some time later the emails are sent. It may vary for all I know. I would not find that an issue, since I only use the feature to get a 2nd chance on an email sent in error. if I’m impatient and really want the email sent now, I just click “send and receive” a few times and off it goes.

Thank you ejp again for your feedback.  Cheers. 

I looked through some of the older threads, what you need to do is right click on the message and choose “forward as original” under “forward”, you will then be able to edit that “yet to be sent” email as a new message. 

That would be a less than inconvenient workaround. Acceptable for the “old drafts” but as for the outbox, there is no reason why it should not open editable on doubleclick. Esp. if it worked that way in V. 6 as Hans pointed out! Also in the outbox wouldn’t forwarding mean, that the original would still be sent? And as it is timecritical there should be a straight forward and fast way to achieve holding back the mail and editing it!

But thanks for the workaround, better than nothing :wink:

Yes, double clicking on the emails in the outbox is now bringing up that email for editing straight away.    (eM RC7)

Is it? For me it is not. Tried many times, it opens the mail but not editable. Rc 7.0.26134.0

Hi Robin,
to address your original issue - delaying all messages by default is not a possible setting in eM Client.
What unchecking the “send immediately” option does is not send the message until you press the Send/Receive button or until the application synchronizes.
Synchronization can be set in Tools>Settings>General section.
If your synchronization is set to happen every 5 minutes, then the limit between each email is send can vary depending when the interval restarts,


Ahh, that is why :slight_smile: Thank you for the explanation.  Puzzle (to me) solved :-)