Delayed Send - Edit Email in the "Outbox" - Request for a Rule based Delayed Send

Hi, I have been using the delayed send feature in eM client, by disabling the “send immediately” option in the settings.  

One thing I think eM client be improved in relation to the delayed sending:

Creating a “Rule” based delayed sending like that in outlook.  “Specify a number of minutes delay to all outgoing emails unless the subject has a specified character/symbol”.  At the moment, when I send emails, although it is not sent immediately, the delay is ad hoc, could be two minutes, four minutes, and sometimes 10 minutes.  On the other hand, by using the “Rules” feature, I could specify that I want all emails to be sitting in the outbox for three minutes before being sent, unless I put a “~” in the subject, where the email would be sent immediately. 

Thank you. Otherwise, eM client is the best Windows based email programme I have used so far! 



I came here searching for how to do this.  I am sad to see emclient not supporting this basic feature.  I really need a 1 min delay!

eM Client does have a delayed send option. Instead of clicking Send, click the down arrow on the Send button. You can then specify when you want to send the email. The default is set to one hour, but you can change the date and time to suit your needs.

Another option is to disable immediate send of email. Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Send > Send messages immediately. The email will then only be sent after the scheduled sync delay. Of course if you send 10 seconds before the scheduled sync, the delay will only be 10 seconds.

Of course if you send 10 seconds before the scheduled sync, the delay will only be 10 seconds

Yeah, that’s kind of irritating. Would be great if you could adjust what that delay is, and also if it was contingent on when you hit “Send” (e.g., if it’s a ten minute sync schedule, it leaves your Outbox no sooner than ten minutes after you hit the button…)

Especially irritating now that the summer 2020 update converted Delayed Send to a Paid feature. I know beggars can’t be choosers, but those of us with a staff roster of n=1, an Enterprise model just doesn’t make sense…