delay of displaying new messages

Sorry for disturbing you.
I am connected to internet with a very good connection.
I don’t understand why the displaying of the body of the new messages in my mailbox takes around 10 to 30 seconds ?  (Imap for Yahoo and Gmail).
I have tried on 2 differents devices, it is the same.
In the same time, the displaying of those messages is “instantaneous” on my mobile.
Do you have any idea ?
Thank you in advance,
Best regards and thanks again for your app !

Because eM Client only downloads the message header, it will take a short time to connect to the server and retrieve the body when you open the email.

You can change this setting in Menu > Tools > Accounts, and click on the IMAP folder.


Downloading for offline use will download the body when the message arrives, so later when you click on it, it should open almost instantly.

Thanks a lot for your answer.
I had done that already, that’s why I don’t understand why it takes several seconds to view each message.

Be aware that even if you have that option checked, the header is still not downloaded until you select the message.  At that point, it will be downloaded to you local system and future access will not require an internet connection.

I don’t really understand why the delay if you have a quick internet connection-- I use gmail and displaying the body takes less than 1 second, even for messages not downloaded.

I am not seeing that behaviour Jay. After new messages have arrived and before I click on any message, if I disconnect from the Internet I am able to view the new message bodies without problem. The only thing that does not display are linked images. Text and embedded content is downloaded as the message arrives.

Johan, one thing you might try is to disable conversations and see if that is any quicker. You will find the setting in Menu > View > Conversations.

Hi Gary-- I have not done any real testing on this, but I do note a couple of things:

1.  When I open an email for the first time, there is a short delay (< 1 sec).  Subsequent opens are instantaneous.

2.  If I do a search after getting new emails, I often get a message that says search results may be incomplete because not all messages have been downloaded.

Haven’t thought about it with latest version.  Maybe someone at eM Client can comment and set the record straight.

Hello all,

I’d just like to explain the IMAP protocol behaviour in this post.

Actually, Gary’s first post is correct. By default, for IMAP accounts eM Client downloads only mail headers and the body of the email is downloaded only when you click on it. At this moment, the short delay necessary to download the body of an email is usual and depends on the connection.

If you check the option “Download messages for offline use” then the messages are fully downloaded (header + body) instantly after the message is received. At this point, there should be no delay in message loading as the message is already in the database. 

The message “search results may be incomplete” is shown only if there is at least one IMAP account with the option “Download messages…” unchecked.

For Johan: If you have the option “Download messages…” checked and still there is a delay when opening the message under that exact account, please try switching eM Client to Offline mode in Menu > File > Work offline and try again opening the message. If it is correctly downloaded, then the message body will display. If not, it was not properly downloaded.


Hi Russel:

Thank you for the information.  Interestingly, I have three accounts, all of which are configured to download of offline use (not attachments) and I still get the “search results may be incomplete” message.

Hi Jay,

Thank you for the reaction, in such case eM Client shouldn’t display the message. I’ll test this issue and let you know if I’m able to reproduce it.


Hi Jay,

We tested the issue and it’s true that eM Client is displaying this message when you enable the option “download of offline use” without “Include images and attachments” for all your IMAP accounts. However, it was not considered as a bug so it will be left as it is. You don’t need to be worried as all your emails are downloaded and all relevant results are correctly displayed after search.


Hi Russel-- Thanks for the reply.  I understand and have no problem disregarding the messages.