Delay in receiving emails with /

Since the last updates I have a delay with the reception of emails via Skynet/Proximus.
I contacted the provider who advised me to delete the account information on EmClient and to start the configuration again.
Despite this, the problem persists. Emails are received several hours late. However, they are accessible and visible from the Internet.
If I completely turn off EmClient and restart the application then they immediately synchronize and receive the emails
Thanks for your help

Always the same problem with the latest update and no response from you side :cry:

We would need more information from you to investigate this. If you have a Pro license, please open a support ticket with us. That way I can send you details to generate specific logs that might indicate where the issue is.

Hi Gary, thanks for your reply. I don’t have a PRO license but if you need more information, tell me what I need to doe for generate specific logs. Have a nice day, Steven

No more response… in the meantime I encounter the same problem with my second account (Yahoo)
EmClient don’t synchronise online but only with log-on / log-off

I hope it’s will be fix next update !

@Gary I’m relaunching this topic because I just discovered a related cause !

The problem appears after sending a email.
The first connexion all works perfectly, I receive the émails but after having replied to an email, the problem reappears and again, the next emails don’t arrive in the inbox of EMClient despite they are visible online on my provider (and despite if I push on refresh) ???
I turn off En Client and launch Em Client and all works correctly again.

An idea ?