Degradation of eM Client Performance in Feb/March 2023

Has this product been taken over by lower class workers or something !? I have eM C version 9.2 and caved in to accept an update recently. It is the update that first displayed the color icons for every email line in the Inbox. Whatever that was. I have seen NO IMPROVEMENTS. OK, not a big deal. I have seen SIGNIFICANT DEGRADATION. THAT IS A BIG DEAL !! I will list what I can recall:

  1. Everything is slower – name an activity and it is slower than it was before the unfortunate so called update.
  2. Try to delete an email: most of the time that dumb little message appears saying it may take a while even if it happens quickly. Once in a while now it DOES take a long time – teens of seconds even to do a simple delete. This NEVER happened before the ‘update.’ I sense that mails with more links in them take longer to delete but I could be wrong.
  3. Simple operations like finding a person in the Contacts that matches a partial name typed in the “To:” line take a noticeably longer time. They used to automatically pop up as soon as the name was entered . Now sometimes they do not come up at all or you enter a spacebar hit and then the address pops up. This NEVER used to happen at all.
  4. I was very satisfied with the product UNTIL this last ‘update.’ It is a debacle.
    I realize I am rambling all over the product but that is because the ENTIRE product has deteriorated !! How in H does this happen? Frankly you would be better off to give all of us a “go back to the old version” link and do everyone a favor. I fully understand software development and supervised it for many years. You need to pull this one back and beat on it a LOT more before going to a next release.
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Just for the record, I have the newest update and have not noticed any degradation in performance at all. I don’t have the problem you list in 2 and my contacts still fill in instantaneously (3). (I know because I read this and went away and tested.)

I am on Windows using version 9.2.1628


I am on the latest 9.2.1628 (a307a94) version too and am experiencing many similar issues as above, including a continuous attempt to refresh the inbox! Please let us go back to the previous version!!!

Maybe the new version is my problem. I’m now getting constant messages when I try to open that I closed it incorrectly. Then it “looks for errors.” And sometimes it doesn’t open at all and I have to reboot.