Default "Send As" ideas (better than Gmail...)

I use eMclient and Gmail send as alternate email address. It seems to work fine thank you.

I would like to suggest some ways of improving how to choose the default “send as” address.

Currently, AFAICT and according to other posts in this forum, the default for a new message is the primary email address for an account. That’s reasonable…

also, when replying to email in a conversation, eMclient like Gmail will use the email address by which email got to you as the default send as address, overriding the primary email address. that is also reasonable, although I frequently receive email sent to multiple of my email addresses, so it frequently is wrong.

SUGGESTION #1: as others have suggested, provide a setting for the default “send as” address in new mail. Defaulting to the primary email address, but allowing it to be overridden to your email addresses.

SUGGESTION #2: provide a rule mechanism, probably regexps, so that any email sent to a particular site like will be by default sent as “[email protected]”. the conversation heuristic works OK when you got an existing conversation, but it frequently fails when you create a new message and hence a new conversation.

SUGGESTION #3: when there are multiple possible rules or defaults for choosing the default send as address, prioritize them. E.g. if I’m replying to a conversation, and the same meessage was sent to me via multiple aliases as often happens, and you can detect such duplication, allow me to specify aa priority order for which of the aliases should be chosen. … Of course, this requires email deduplication. I have extensions that do that for Gmail on the web, but I do not think they apply to eMclient. Pity.

I note that these feature requests go beyond what email clients like Gmail and Outlook and Thunderbird provide, AFAICT. If there is any mail client that has these features, I sure would like to know about it so that I could switch to it, other things being equal (although other things are seldom equal).

Regardless of the address the email was sent to, eM Client will send the reply from the address of the account in which folder the email exists. The only exception is if you have setup an alias on that account in eM Client beforehand, and the message is sent to that alias address. Then it will be sent from the alias address only if it is in a folder for the account on which that alias is configured.

Evolution (Linux Gnome email client) has a setting to send from a specified address based on the folder the message is in, overriding the account the folder belongs to or who the message was sent to. So a subfolder of your Inbox called Work can use [email protected] for any replies, whereas another subfolder of your Inbox called Family would use [email protected] for replies. Respective SMTP accounts need to be setup for that to work.