Default rule: Spam filter

I haven’t created any rules yet. When I open the Rules dialog, I see this default rule.


I clicked Edit to see how this rule is configured, but it says: Cannot edit a rule which hasn’t been composed in the wizard.

Does anybody know what this rule does exactly? And is it okay to disable it or delete it? Thanks.

This Rule checks for spam headers added by your server, and acts on them by moving the message to Junk E-mail.


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Okay. Good to know. Thanks @Gary


Couple of followup questions:

  1. I don’t have a folder named Junk E-mail. What happens if an email comes in that satisfies this filter? Will EMC create that folder? Or…?

  2. My junk email folder (established by my server) is named Spam. If I change the name in the Special Folders section of my account, will the rule adapt? Or do I need to disable the rule and create my own?


You can untick Automatically detect special folder names, and then change the Junk option to Spam.

Click Save & Close.

Yes. I’m aware that I can specify the names of special folders. However, that doesn’t answer either of my questions. Do you know the answers?