Default programs for opening attachments in mail

In Win 10, I have default programs defined by filetype, so .jpg files are opened in Irfanview, .pdf in Adobe Reader etc. Selecting a file in Windows Explorer and double clicking it or opening it automatically launches the file with those default programs.

In eMClient, I have default attachment actions of open defined in settings for both jpg and pdf. However, when I double click or open the attachment in a mail, I get the Win 10 pop up asking me ‘How do you want to open this file?’ and offering me the default of my chosen app, but listing other possible programs, and asking me to tick a box if I want to make one option permanent.  But whatever I do, the next time I open an attachment, the same thing happens. As the default is already defined, why is this happening and how can I stop it so that eMClient simply opens the attachment with the default program defined?

Thanks for any help - Nigel

I was not able to reproduce this. Opening an attachment by double-click used the Windows setting without prompting.

What version of Windows and eM Client are you using Nigel?


Thanks for the response. Versions are::

eMC = 7.1.31849.0
Win10 Home Version 1803 Build 17134.48

Problem predates Win 1803


I am using the same version of Windows but an unreleased version of eM Client. That might be it, though I don’t recall seeing the problem in earlier versions. There is a newer version than you are using available for download at You might want try that and see if there is a difference.

Hi Gary

Thanks. Looking around the web, the problem seems to have afflicted other groups in recent years, including Outlook users. But I can’t seem to find a common fix: I’ll have to keep looking…

Thanks for your help.


I’m facing the same issue. Did you ever solve it?

Err - no! Still have the same problem …

This problem with Irfanview being default was raised with Windows 11, maybe the same issue is in Windows 10. It is a long thread but might help.