Default Printing

Default printing is create a PDF document, instead of direct printing.
Is this option switchable ?

In Windows you change this in the system settings, not in the application.

In version 7 of eMClient it was OK. Printing button present.
In version 8 of eMClient, the printing button has gone. Why ?
The only way to print is to choose the dialog printing.

Right-click on the toolbar > Customize

Yes, I know how to put the printbutton on the Toolbar.
However if you use it, then another screen is opening to guide the print process.
In that screen I miss the print-button in Version 8. In Version 7 of eMClient it is still there.
Sorry for the misunderstanding. I am from Holland and have some difficulties with the English language.
Please find a solution a.s.a.p. Several customers are complaining with this fallback.

Hm, I have trouble understanding what you mean. I see a print button when I have the printing preview open:


BTW, I can’t find a solution for you. This is a forum for users (trying to) help(ing) users. :slight_smile:

Problem is solved in version 8.0.3385
Thanks everybody.