default mail handler problem

I just reinstalled windows.
I installed only EMClient. It is my default mail handler and shows as such in Windows and in EMClient settings.

Yet when I click a mail addres in the browser or in another program, the machine freezes for a moment, then opens up something like hundreds of IExplorer windows. It starts with an error saying: “Der Vorgang kann nicht ausgeführt werden, weil der Standad Mailclient nicht richtig installiert ist”
When I click away the error, Internet Explorer tries to open the mail address in hundreds of windows. I have to wait for them to stop opening. then I can close them with a rightclick on the taskbar (close all windows)

I normally use Firefox as a browser
Please let me know how this can be solved.


please contact me on [email protected] and send me this topic’s address:…

I will send you further instructions by email.


Can I get this information as well? I am seeing the same problem.

Yes, please follow my instructions from my previous post and I will send you file you need over it.

with regards

I am experiencing the same problem in this topic, can you send me details of the fix please?
When clicking a Mailto: link in IE, it reports “default mail client is not properly installed” then opens up a lot of empty IE windows saying ‘navigation cancelled’.
EMClient is configured as the default mail handler, and in the Windows ‘Default Programs’ settings, EMlient is configured with ‘Set This Program As Default’.
Windows 7 Pro 64bit
Internet Explorer 11
EMClient 6.0.22344.0


If there’s a number of IE windows opening, can you please download this file, and extract the mailto.reg file from the Archive?
Open the registry file and you should no longer see the problem with IE, or let us know if you’re still experiencing the issue.

Thank you.