Default Mail App for Windows Server 2019


we want to use em-client on windows server 2019. It is a Remote Desktop Session Host. We can not make em-client the “standard app for mail”.

Programs > Default Programs > Set your default programs shows no em-client. And under “Set default settings by app” we can not select em-client under “Set default settings by app”.

I have the same problem.

In a German forum I found the following solution. Unfortunately it doesn’t work for me.

Can someone help?


To set eM Client as the default mailer for eg: Windows 10, you also would have the “MAILTO” set to eM Client in "File Type and Protocol associations. Shouldn’t matter whether its remote Windows Server 2019 as that setting is all the same. Make sure you have “rebooted the Remote Windows Server” or the default mail setting may not apply, as is changed in the registry when you set all those defaults.

Note:- If rebooting makes no difference, then contact whoever setup your Windows Server 2019.

I would very much like to map Mailto, Webcal and Webcals to eM Client. However, as already shown in the original post, image 2, the eM Client is not offered in the selection for these functions.


In 2020 that still seemed to be happening. That’s why this was offered as a solution in the German forum at the time. Apparently this no longer seems to work with the current version of Server 2019.

I set up the Server 2019 myself. eM Client support told me that the default apps are a feature of Windows and I would like to contact Microsoft please. Microsoft support told me again that if the eM Client is not available for selection in the standard apps, then the problem is with the eM client…


If eM Client is not available to select in MAILTO: , then you have usually some sort of Windows registry problem where “on a new install of eM Client” on eg: Windows 10 & 11, eM Client “is always selectable” for MAILTO for me and my friends.

So you would need to try uninstalling eM Client and “Don’t delete the database” when asked on uninstall wizard. Then reinstall “the same or later version of eM Client” from the release history page. Make sure you close eM Client before uninstalling the program, and reboot after reinstalling eM Client so your registry gets updated in Windows.

Now “If you still don’t have eM Client available in the MAILTO option” after the reinstall / reboot, then as i already advised, you will need to contact whoever looks after your Windows Server 2019 and advise them. Its “not a fault of eM Client”. The MAILTO is linkable with eM Client 7 / 8 & 9 versions.

eM Client not available for WEBCAL & WEBCALS

eM Client is “not normally available for selection” via the defaults WEBCAL or WEBCALS in Win 10 / 11. I suspect to set a mail client to set defaults for WEBCAL & WEBCALS, it would rely on “something else already installed in Windows” to make them available to then hook up to eM Client or any other mail client.

Sorry i cannot help with how to link these last to options as ive never used them. Hopefully though someone else on this free forum might know.

This issue exist in all versions of Windows Server. OP’s issue is legitimate. Maybe a registry key is missing within Windows to support mail clients. I have tested with Modzilla Thunderbird as well. And have the same issue.

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