Default google calender entries in eM Client is Public

Yes, if the event you created in the Google Calendar is public, that means Google will share it with everyone who you have shared the calendar with. That is what public means. If you don’t want Google to share the details, make the event private.

No, it doesn’t override anything. This setting you have on your Google Calendar for events to be private by default, that is for events you create using the Google web interface, not when using another application to create them. If you set an event to private in eM Client, it will be private in Google. If you set an event to public in eM Client, it will be public in Google.

What you want is to have a setting in eM Client to create events as private by default, so I have changed this thread to a Feature Request.


Thank you, this would be a great solution.


There’s no way in the API to figure out what the default value is for a particular calendar.

Wondering would this still be the case ? or would the API have possibly now been updated to allow default value.

I’m a new user to the software. Immediately encountered this issue and found it very disturbing. Can we at least enable default value for the “private” checkbox in the account settings or something similar?



I am a developer by profession and have researched that this issue can be solved rather easily, without the need to set Private events by default. I consider this rather important as it is a deal-breaker for me in continued usage of eM Client.

Google Calendar currently officially supports three visibility options: Default, Public, Private. The Default visibility option is neither Public nor Private. It is a separate third option, and I strongly suggest that this should be the default option in eM Client from now on as well. This is the default behavior for iOS Calendar and the official Google Calendar web interface, both of which I also use.

Please see official Google Calendar API Documentation, where “visibility” is a string that can take “default”, “public” and “private” options (at the bottom of the Request body section):

How does Default differ from Public and Private?
Any events with Default visibility in shared calendars flagged using the “See only free/busy (hide details)” will be seen as Private by outsiders. If the “See all event details” option is chosen instead by the calendar owner, then such events will be seen as Public by outsiders. Relevant screenshots can be seen in previous posts in this thread multiple times.

Thank you and I hope to see an update soon as it’s been 7 years since this thread has started.

I just discovered that for the last two years at my new company, which uses Google for the organization’s email and calendar, while I have been happily using emClient as my local client, my entire Calendar details have been visible to all employees DESPITE the fact that my Google calendar sharing level is set to “Free/Busy only” status!

This shocked me, and it is simply unacceptable to have the default setting for calendar events made in emClient be “PUBLIC”, which overrides the default Google calendar sharing setting. This thread offers many suggestions for a quick repair. I’m super disappointed there has been no progress from emClient on this. Let me strongly advocate to the dev team to do something to address this! Meanwhile I am rapidly evaluating other client packages.

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Are there any news about google calendar behavior?