Default Font Color for Composing Email?

Is there (or could we have) a way to set a default font color for composing emails? There is a setting for typeface and size, but not color. Otherwise, I really like the program, which I’ve been using now for a couple of months. I’m a Thunderbird convert, and defining a default composition font color is the only thing I could do in Thunderbird that I can’t seem to do in eMClient. Would sure appreciate if you could fix/add this feature. Thanks for a great program!

Per the answer to another question, you can use Settings > Mail > Templates and Signatures, click the Mail Templates button, then Add, enter a template name and select your text color, click OK, and select the new template as your template for new mails etc.

You can set it over Templates like BlueTopaz wrote before me or in Tools - Settings - Mail - Compose - Mail format section.


Your second option of using Settings doesn’t work–there’s no setting under Compose to set the font color, just the font style and size. Since there’s a setting for color under Read, it seems quite odd that the same setting isn’t available for Compose.

Yes, I am sorry for forgetting this. Templates are meant for this and it has no sense having two same options on two different places.


Hi John,
I am having the exact same problem. Even though I have setup a template and when ever I click on the “new email” it seems the template has loaded with correct color and font but the receiver is actually reading the mail with correct font only and without the correct color. It is very very odd. Is there any work around? Thanks.

Hi, can you please export one of these messages after you send them into .eml file and send it to
You can easily export messages by simply drag and dropping the message onto a new email or your desktop.

Did this issue occur with multiple recipients? Do you know what email client are the recipents using?

What version of eM Client are you currently using?

Thank you,

Hi Paul,

Thanks for responding, as requested I have emailed you those files. Thanks for taking the time to look at this issue.

Hi Paul,

Its been three months and still no work around for this issue. I really love the em client but not being able to set the default font color for composing and replying to emails is really making me want to switch to outlook 2013 even though its way more expensive.

Hi, this feature is planned for future releases, and it’s currently being worked on with other features, thank you for your patience, but unfortunately I can not speed up the process.

Thank you for understanding,