Default deletion confirmations to "No"

When I press the Delete key to delete an e-mail, the “Yes” button has the keyboard focus by default. I think it might be a good idea to default this to “No” to reduce the risk of accidental deletion.

I disagree. That’s the whole point of a confirmation box – to confirm that the user really wants to do the action. You still have to push Yes to delete something. Otherwise it’s 3 actions to delete something if No is the default (Del + Arrow or Tab + Enter).

Thanks, Chris; I think you’re right.

I normally press “Delete” followed by “Enter” to delete things, so I mustn’t have thought this one through enough. I just noticed that Windows doesn’t use the behaviour I’ve recommended, so it would be inconsistent anyway.

I’ll take back my recommendation.

You know it’s funny, that’s the behavior for file deletes and other things in Windows (The ‘Yes’ having the focus), but in good ol’ Outlook Express it will ask for confirmation to delete an email message that’s already in your Deleted folder – and the No button has the focus! Drives me crazy because it’s not like I’m trying to launch nuclear weapons here… I just want to permanently trash an email message and they’re making it as hard as can be :wink: