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Hi, I’m evaluating EmClient and sent a not to support - they suggested I should log a case here to get other users help rather than assisting directly. The problem I’m having is with Contacts and Calendars. I have Apple, Google and Outlook mail but use iCloud for all of my Contacts and Calendar - problem is, when I converted everything, it only asked me if I wanted to use Gmail or an Outlook account for contacts and calendars - iCloud wasn’t an option even though that is my default in Outlook. So I deselected Gmail and Outlook because I don’t want to use those and now I have no contacts or calendar entries. How or where in the application can I specify what default Contacts and Calendar I want to use?

In Settings, there doesn’t appear to be anywhere under Contacts or Calendar to set these and Advanced seems to just be for logging.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

mmm I would suggest to just try adding your iCloud account first via the automatic email setup wizard which should then add your iCloud mail, contacts and calendar etc.

Then add your other Outlook & Gmail accounts next.

The default calendar or contacts folder, is whichever folder you are in that section of eM Client.

Say you have two calendars, A and B.

If you go to the calendar section of eM Client and click on calendar A, that is now default. When you are back in the email section, and you create a new event from the New button, calendar A will automatically be selected.

But this changes depending on what you are doing.

If you receive an email invite, it will create the event in the calendar associated with that email address, regardless of what calendar you are in.

Just on that last point Gary, how do you associate a calendar with an email for incoming invitations? I have an email account (without calendar) and a CalDav calendar (without email). I want everything to be associated with my (one) calendar.

I’ve actually done this before, but I’m blowed if I can remember how (because I’m now changing my calendar provider).


Go to Menu > Accounts and click on the General tab for this email account.
Under Default Folders, select the calendar you want to associate with that email address.

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Perfect, thanks Gary

I would like to revive this thread if I may. For me, under my Gmail account settings in General; under Default Folders, there is no Calendars item, just Contacts. Can anyone explain how I can get that to appear? Thanks. BTW, I have Google Calendar selected under Services.

You need to tick that Google Calendar option. Once that is ticked, the Google Calendar from that account will be the default. There is nothing more you need to do.

I had it selected, but I found the issue. Even though my Gmail account is the default, it was not the top calendar on my list of account calendars on the left. I had to grab it and put it on the top before it would be the default calendar for new events. Hope this helps someone else.

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I had to grab it and put it on the top before it would be the default calendar for new events.

Did you drag it up to the top ?

Yes, I dragged it to the top.

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