Default App, or File & Protocol Association in Windows 10

I’ve been trying to get EM Client to operate as my default Mail & Calendar client. Simply setting EM Client as the “Default EMail App” was not sufficient - EM Client continued to indicate that it was *NOT* the default.

So continuing to play around, in the “Set Defaults by App” section I was able to select EM Client for “.eml”, “.ics”, “.msg”, “.vcf”, and MAILTO. After this - EM Client now shows it is indeed the default client. The problems that remain:

  1. The other protocols (WEBCAL and WEBCALS) will not let me set EM Client - in fact I appear to have no valid apps installed for these protocols.

2.  Far more problematic - clicking any links that I would expect to open a new mail message do not. EM Client will either start (if not running) or gain focus with a flashing icon indicating some attention is needed - but no message, dialog, or new mail window appears.

Digging into the registry and comparing the EM Client entry against Thunderbird’s, I saw that the “EditFlags” entry for Thunderbird is a DWORD while EM Client’s was created as a BINARY. Changing that appears to have no effect.

The Protocols/mailto/shell/open/command entry is “C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\MailClient.exe” /mailurl “%1”

See Gary’s comments at the bottom of this thread.…

I already have. The problem now is not that EM is not the default, the problem is it doesn’t start correctly.

What version of Emclient do you have ?

Current beta 8

If you are having issues with the beta please send feedback to [email protected].

I am also using the current beta 8.0.1612, and I am not having this issue. Is it possible that you did not set all the defaults in Set defaults by app?

What you can try is to uninstall eM Client, making sure not to delete the database directory when asked. Then re-download the beta from the Release History, and install it.

Next, set the app defaults in your Windows 10 settings,  Apps Default Apps , then scroll to the bottom and select  Set defaults by app. In the next windows select  eM Client  and click on  Manage. Make sure all the options are set to eM Client. 

I too are running V8 Beta 8.0.1612 and Win 10 V1909 and no issues with EM as default.

I Think its a bug in win 10. Even the mail program from win 10 (Mail)  is not recognized as default mail program.
Select 5 photo’s . Click right and select "compress and email " click OK and you get the message that he can’t find  the email program.
Win 10 pro 1909

I think you may be correct Frans.

I can right-click on a file (or group of files) and choose Send To > Mail Recipient, and eM Client correctly opens a new message window with the file(s) attached. But if I choose Compress and Email, I get the error.

On my Win 10 V1909 if i right click a group of files, i can also send to “Mail recipient” ok as well via EM Client. However i don’t see “Compress and Email” on right click / send to on either of my new Win 10 pc’s. 

I wonder if the compress & email has now been removed in some new builds by Microsoft or is it optionally only installed on right click by some other programs ? 

I only see “Send to compressed .zip folder” on both my pc’s which obviously only creates a .zip file to manually attach to EM Client.

I think maybe the context option is added by another application, like WinRAR, which I use.

It works again. (Win10 update?) I have a Dutch windows.

Which build of Windows 10 is that Frans?

Press Windows Key + R, and type “winver” into the Run dialog

When i use this option, iuse Faststone image viewer who offers more options for sending pictures than the windows version.

Thanks for all the help.

I just went to settings and made it my default in windows 10. Has worked for all email programs. 

Afther the last small Windows up-date it was working again.

You never did answer the question I asked, Frans. Which build are you on? 

It will be something like 18363.815

The same as i told you a week ago

A week ago you did not give the build as I asked. It would have been interesting to know, seeing as now it is working on a different build.