Deduplicator not working

There seem to be countless posts to this effect, but so far no fixes - although the last post seems to be some months ago. So here we go again…

The Deduplicator is not working for me at all. I have plenty of duplicate emails (due to moving to a new PC and eM Client downloading all my mail again for me when I already had an existing copy). When I run Deduplicator it typically says “No duplicates have been found”, although there are plenty. Yet running on another specific folder where there are NO duplicates finds plenty, even though the messages that it flags are NOT, in fact, duplicates at all - just similar.

I have also tried the Deduplicator on my contacts. That didn’t work either. It finds hundreds of duplicates and suggests merging them, which I allow it to do. But instead of merging them, it creates hundreds of ADDITIONAL duplicates! Now I’m in an even worse position!

My eM Client is version 7.1.30719.0

Is there an easy fix for these problems?

Hi Chris,
What accounts do you have set up?
If you have only IMAP account/s (and have not checked the option for downloading messages for offline use) then only headers are being synchronized and so the deduplicator cannot compare the actual content of the messages.
Please go to Menu>Tools>Accounts and under IMAP tab check the options to 'Download messages for offline use) and try again.

I hope this information was helpful.

I am having the same issue despite having the IMAP configuration as shown.

I can see several emails with same sender, date and time and subject but deduplicator continues to insist thah no duplicates have been found.

Considering this was last raised in 2017, I am hoping that there is a solution.

Primarily they are only duplicates if they have the same message ID. You can right-click in the message body and choose View Mail Header. Then do the same with the alleged duplicate. Do they have the same Message-ID?

The only difference is in the Boundary information of the header. I am assuming this is due to the timing of me importing from different folders.