Deduplication - merge multiple existing contacts

Good morning,
is there the possibility to merge certain contacts that are present more than once? Not to search the entire address book, but to merge a specific, multiple existing contact to one contact in the address book?
Thanks for help

That is already one of the options when deduplicating contacts. 

It requires searching the entire addressbook, but you can select which contacts to ignore if you only want to merge a custom selection.

I got it right:
I can only search the entire address book, then decide whether to merge or keep the multiple contacts found. I cannot enter any filters: search for the name “first name last name” and merge, keep, etc. ?

No, you need to search the whole addressbook, but you can decide per contact if you want to keep or merge it.

Pity. Do you think it is possible to include such a filter function as a future “wish function”. With many contacts in the address book I could imagine this as a relief.