Deduplicating my contacts.

I try to deduplicate my contacts and within an hour they are repopulated and reduplicated.  What can I do?

Hi Steven,

This seems as it’s forced from your server’s side. If you check your online contact list, are the contacts displayed correctly over there?


I have gone to Google and deduplicated there.  Is that what is meant by server?

I meant if the contacts are also duplicated in Google Contacts? After you deduplicated in Google Contacts, did the duplicated contacts reappear in eM Client?


Yes, after deduplicating in Google, they continue to duplicate in eM Client.

Is it possible that you have the same Google account setup twice in eM Client?

What other devices are connected to this account?

Actually a friend did the setup and transfer and he did “accidentally” set up the same email twice.  I think I have the reduplicating solved but in the process I may have eliminated the email account that wasn’t duplicated.  Technology hates me.