Deduplicating contacts deletes their categories

If you have contacts with different categories (each has at least one category) and use the deduplication tool you end up with a lot of contacts with no category at all. This means that somewhere in this process categories are lost.

Apart from that, the maximum number of categories a contact has after the deduplication is one. There has to be an error here as well, since before there were multiple contact with more than one category.

A different story is also that it seems that renaming a category locally is noch synced to a carddav server…

Hi, I was unable to replicate this issue.

Can you tell me step by step how you achieve this situation? Also do you use default or created category?


The categories were created upon import from a .pst The exact steps were:
#1 import contacts with categories from .pst into local contacts
#2 use deduplication, most contacts loose their category (there are more contacts after the deduplication than before) no contact remains with more than one category

I’m sorry for the late reply, for succesfully replicating the issue from what application did you export the contacts or from what application have you been importing from?

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I did not create the .pst from which was imported but it should have been created with Office 2003 or 2007.

Hi, I’ve successfully replicated the issue, I’m passing it to the developers, however it will take some time until any changes take effect.

I hope you can work with the current setting.
Thank you,