Declined meeting requests show up in calendar without indication they are invalid events or hiding them

It seems that declined meeting requests are still showing up in the calendar. If a meeting is declined, it shouldn’t show up, or should indicate that it was declined.

Is this on a calendar located at a server? If so, which server (Apple, Oracle, etc.)?

Just using Google Calendar.

Did you decline the meeting from the web interface or from eM Client? If it was from eM Client, was that from the mail view (on the invitation) or the calendar view?

I think it was an appointment that was declined via Google Calendar via thunderbird originally. So it was declined before using emClient. When I look at the details of the event, it does show it as declined. What behaviour is it meant to have?

Currently it behaves as you described for existing events, but we may change that in future. I was just trying to get as much information as possible in order to reproduce it.

Events declined in eM Client get removed from the calendar or not added to it in the first place, so you won’t see the same problem for them.

That’s the problem really. Events on the cloud platforms can be modified from anywhere bit it website, phone or another calendar client.