Decided to stay with Thunderbird

I would like to thank all those users who have helped me with eM Client and my initial configuration. Appreciate the fast responses.

When I discovered eM Client Black Friday deal I was considering lifetime updates but that is nor part of the offer but even would have settled w for only the 1 year. However, after 2 days of testing of eM Client I have decided to stay with Thunderbird. This is due to in part of the looming BF offer coming to an end in a day. The bigger deciding factor is a big issue I tried to describe in this thread. elsewhere in the forum. The software for some reason threading posts in drafts, not allowing deleting the draft post and if I deleted threaded posts in the draft post it screwed up the threaded post in the Inbox. They no longer showed up in the thread in eM Client.

I had to use Thunderbird on the same machine to find that some of the email messages in the threaded post were actually in the Trash in the IMAP account.

The other concern that I never had time to look at is if it is even possible to get data out of eM Client should I decide to switch over to another client later on.

Lifetime upgrades licenses are available under the Black Friday offer. Just tick that option before clicking the Buy Pro button. The license without lifetime upgrades is also yours to use forever, with that version of eM Client. It never expires.

I think maybe you were confused about what conversations are, so when you deleted a conversation, you thought you were deleting a message. For clarification a conversation is a group of all related messages, which in the most basic form is the message you sent and their reply. If you start composing a reply to that, the draft is also part of that conversation. You can just disable conversations if that is more what you are used to.

eM Client data is synced with your server, so even if you just remove eM Client from your device, it still exists on your server. Simply adding the account to another app will resync that. But of course you can export your data from eM Client if that is what you want.

Even though it is 12:30 PM on Dec 2nd here in Canada the Black Friday offer is gone off the website. The lifetime upgrades were not marked down for BF was my point.

If I see a message in Draft folder in eM Client shouldn’t that message not also exist in the Draft folder on another email client say in Thunderbird or even on the webmail interface for the account? Because in this case, the message in the draft folder does NOT in Thunderbird nor in the webmail version. Nor can that phantom email be deleted from the draft folder in emClient

This is the draft folder via the webmail for the email account in question:

This is what emClient shows for the same account

This is what that folder shows

This conversation is the entire conversation that is in the Inbox for this account.

If I disable Conversations the entry in Drafts folder disappears. The folder is empty and reflects what Thunderbird and webmail UI shows i.e. an empty draft folder. If I enable Show Conversations in All Views the Draft folder shows this entire conversation. WHY?

One however only gets updates security or feature-wise for the first year. After which you have to either extend for a another year or purchase lifetime updates.

I have a lot of emails that are stored in local folders rather than on the server and if I ever decide to switch to another client then I would have to use the export .eml which would result in one eml file for every message that is stored locally. That is not a task I would ever want to face.

No, you will get all future updates for that version at no extra cost.

Yes, and the folder tree is preserved, so it is really easy to import or drag into another application.

Ok I see what you mean. I did a test export of the 7600 emails in the 26 folders and it exported the tree structure and messages ok.

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