debit card

Why is there no Debit Card option in your Store. Since i use only those for my transactions. Or is there any way i can make a transaction to purchase your license for Pro User.? Kindly reply

I guess it is just badly worded. Credit card or debit card, it is the same. 

Hi Jacob,

Thank you for mentioning it. The Debit cards are of course available as one of the payment methods. We’ll consider adding “Debit card” to the wording.


@Jacob, Gary and Russell,

I totally disagree with your answers.
You could say that’s my prerogative, but Debit cards and Credit cards are
different animals.
Read all pages!!!

Ignore that advice at your peril…


PS -One could ask another foolish question : Why don’t you accept Bitcoin?

Jacob asked where to pay using his debit card. He should use the option that is mislabeled or incompletely labeled as credit card. It should be debit/credit cards. So for the purpose of this electronic transaction, they are the same.

Don’t confuse the issue. Your money management principles do not have any bearing on this transaction.


So you belong to the group that says : My mind is made up ,don’t confuse me with the facts ?  "

Hi Peter,

We, of course, understand the differences between Credit and Debit cards :slight_smile: That’s why I’ll try to add the word “Debit” to the sentence.
Regarding the Bitcoin - in fact, it’s not our choice as all the payments run through our partner 2CHECKOUT and they manage the payment methods.