Deactivating notifications of events from the past

Hello everyone,
is there a way to turn off past notifications of events that have already been completed. It annoys me that when I start the client, I am notified about events that have expired since a week. Who needs something like that? Thank you alredy for your upcoming answers!

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See @Gary post from the following thread.

Calender reminder/notification keeps popping up even if event is from past.


Sep '21
Go to the Calendar section of eM Client and switch to the Agenda view. You will see the icon on the toolbar after Day - Week - Month.

Uncheck “Hide Past” option by clicking on that icon. You should be able to see all your past events.

Select all events for which you want to dismiss notifications.

Open context menu by right clicking any of selected events and chose Reminder > No Reminder

You will no longer get reminders from past events

The problem is that once you dismiss the reminders all of the invitees on the list will get a notification from you that you have updated the meeting.