Deactivating License of Old Install

I am unable to deactivate the license of an older installation as I no longer have access to the PC. When activating a new license I get a message that the number of activations has been reached. Is there a manual deactivation process? I only need to deactivate the old account as the current activations on the account are all valid. 

Hi Clayton, can you please send me your license details to my email, with a reference link to this forum topic, and I can deactivate the license manually for you.

Next time make sure to deactivate your eM client license prior to uninstalling or computer change, as this can cause reactivation issues.

Thank you,

Hi Paul, I have the same issue and i have sent my license details to your email id just now

Note that PRO license users are entitled to use the licensing system using their credentials, you should be able to find the credentials in the message that included your activation key.

Login to the licensing system and check your license activations.


How do I log in to “licensing system” I need to deactivate multiple computers that are no longer being used.