deactivate Email history/course

Hi all,

i am a new user of em Client and i’d like to know how to disable
the history/group function in my mails.
excample: I don’t want to see what i’ve send (in my inbox)

Where i can find a manual of emClient.
Then it is not necessary to ask so stupid questions. :slight_smile:

Answers can also be written in german. Ihr könnt auch in deutsch antworten.

I think by history/group you are referring to conversations. Go to Menu > View > Conversations.

Try which works best for you.

You will find most of what you need in the Help.

F1, or Menu > Help > Contents

thank you.
Dank dir. :slight_smile:

Also sometimes your email vendor is sending a copy of sent mail to folder “sent mail”  .
If emclient is also set to do this you may get a double pump where it may go to inbox.
                   un click      send copy of sent  mail to    “send mail folder”