DbRepair sstopped working WIN10

I get only “DbRepair has stopped working  Windows is looking for a solution” . Nothing more. 
This was after a Win10 update today 9/25/2017.  Strangely, if I reboot in Safe Mode, I can get eM Client v6 open, but of course I can only fetch mail on a wired internet connection.  I find no log file that corresponds with the crash date/time. Back to normal boot, eM Client fails.

Hello Louise,

It seems as an issue regarding your database. Could you please try renaming the database folder so em Client will create a blank new database to see if it helps. The database is stored according to information in Menu > Tools > Settings > Storage. You need to enable displaying hidden folders in order to see it. If your database stored on server, they will be automatically pulled into eM Client.


Thanks I will give it a try when I return from a trip.