Day view with multiple calendars: displaying events in columns (1 column for each calendar)


I use 8+ different calendars. I would like, in day view, to be able to have the events neatly sorted in columns by calendar: first column = calendar 1 or calendars 1+2, second column = calendar 2, or 2+3, etc. Instead, events are displayed in columns but “all over the place”, I can have “mow the lawn” (calendar “private”) displayed next to “important business meeting 1” (job) and “important business meeting 2” (job) on the opposite side, with “Joe’s birthday” (birthdays) in the middle.

I looked through the docs, but found nothing. It happens this way automatically in Outlook. Any way to do it, even using categories for instance, would be welcome.


Basically, I’m looking for a “group by calendar” display option.

Ich habe das mit unterschiedlichen Farben pro Kalender gelöst. Funktioniert für mich sehr gut.


Colors are not enough: each calendar belongs to a different collaborator so individual colums for each worker is really essential. Outlook does it, and the only other calendar software that does it (as an option in settings) is a beta software (Calengoo) but I would like to use only Em client. It’s probably easy enough to implement as an alternate view for single day display, and I’m surprised that no one asked for it before so I’m still hoping that it’s hidden somewhere and I’ve been too stupid to notice it.