Day / Night Toggle?

Is there a way to change it to day or night, via the toggle and keep it there, keeps wanting to choose dark mode no matter what time of the day it is!

If you choose the default Modern Theme, eM Client will automatically toggle between light and dark as your OS changes between light and dark desktop themes.

Otherwise you can manually select the Light or Dark theme from the two options below the Modern theme in Menu > Settings > Appearance > Themes.

Could you put in a feature request for either a manual toggle button or (preferably) the ability to designate which theme you would like to use for your OS’s light and dark theme respectively?


I asked about a feature request in November 2022, but I didn’t see a response to my post. I’m still using EM Client even though it’s incredible annoying to manually change my theme twice a day. If it were just clicking on a toggle button, I wouldn’t mind at all, but the current setup requires clicking on 7 separate if you want to change the theme and close the settings window. I don’t want to use the auto light/dark template you provided because I’ve already spent hours customizing my own light and dark templates. Is there a place where I can submit a feature request? eM Client should just let us select a light theme and a dark theme and then let us specify in a setting whether we want the current theme to be light, dark, or automatically synced with the system. eM Client is the only app that I use on a daily basis that does not provide this functionality. It would be a huge quality of life improvement for the app.