Day 2 & Everything Went South

So I’m a longtime (well, 2016 anyway) eM Client user who just got a new laptop, downloaded & synced yesterday. All was fine until this morning when I tried to bring the system up and…nothing. Mostly empty screen with two blacked-out bars across the top and the spinning wheel of death. Watched that for about a minute and tried to click on anything and Windows shut it down. This has happened four times now. I even uninstalled & reinstalled the program and same thing. So now I’ve uninstalled yet again and plan on downloading an entirely new exe from scratch. We’ll see.

I’m using an Acer Aspire with Windows 10 and Chrome browser. Are there compatibility issues I should know about? I know Windows just revamped their Win 10 so maybe that’s the problem?

Do you remember what version of eM Client was installed on the new laptop ?

Yes, I downloaded emclient-v8.1.1087 right off the webpage.
I’ve since uninstalled, deleted the exe, re-downloaded & re-installed from scratch. Everything worked like a charm. I’m about to attempt a second “second try” – I’ll let you know what happens…

…And it’s up and running now as I type.

So crisis averted for now. How that original file got corrupted is beyond me.
Thanks for checking in!

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