Database on MS OneDrive

I want to move my database to MS OneDrive so that I can access it from my laptop as well as my desktop. Has anyone done this? Does it work? How do you set it up? Thanks

@ws_lyons1 I suspect that you would first move the current database to the cloud folder location (with EM Client closed) and then open EM Client and go to “Menu / Settings / General Storage” and set the database location to the database folder in the cloud. Then close and reopen EM Client & should work. The only thing would probably be that you would have to keep changing your activation key between your laptop and desktop, unless you have separate EMC licenses for each computer.

Note:- If you do try that, first create a backup via EM Client “Menu / Backup” incase it doesn’t work and you need to Restore via “Menu / File / Restore”. Then once you create the backup do the above.

It also depends on how the cloud files are synced with the desktop. I know for certain that services like Carbonite do not work as they will not sync the files while they are open by eM Client. All you end up with are empty files, and loss of all your data. You also will not be able to access the database from more than one device at a time.

The solution really is to just connect the laptop and desktop installations of eM Client to the same IMAP or Exchange server. That way the data will be synced in real-time between the two. Take for example a Gmail account. Setting the same account up on both devices means they will both have the same synced emails, contacts and calendar. No need to use any cloud storage.

jueves 22 octubre 2020 :: 1651hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @ws_lyons1

As said by @cyberzork & @Gary - I can confirm having experimented some while back to see if is possible, that it will not work with OneDrive.

It can be made to work on an NAS with relative ease, also on a local server if you have one but that is problematic unless you have a high speed connection (over 100mbps), however, it is not advised in either case because simultaneous access issues will cause a corrupted database even if you have separate licences only ONE machine can be run at a time.

As @Gary says your emails will sync if you use IMAP - you will still need separate licenses.
If you use POP the only possibility is to transfer Backup files between the 2 machines but that can open other issues so don’t do it!

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Yes, this is very important. We have seen so many comments on this forum how access speed for the database is a major issue, not just with network storage, but even with slower RMP mechanical disks. With a large database on a 5400RPM disk, it is almost unusable. Connecting to the database through an Internet connection will probably not work at all. Would be interesting to see if anyone has managed it with a reasonable size database.