I have a very large gmail mail account. My MS Outlook is having issues growing a (local cache size over 50MB when I use the gmail outlook Sync Tool (GWSMO)
Does Emclient only allow IMAP to access gmail or does use a “connector” like GWSMO ? if IMAP then does it create a nice big local cache and to what size is it’s limit ?

I’m so over my outlook geting corrupt and not syncing, I have a very nice fast system and all up to date, great bandwidth and I use ESET standard so I do believe it’s just inherant outlook desktop to not handle the size.

Any ideas prople ?


eM Client syncs with pretty much any IMAP account and not just Gmail. I personally sync an IMAP Gmail, Outlook, and local ISP account, and haven’t struck a size sync database limitation as yet.

Hi, I se my original POST I said 50M I meant 50 Gig. As in OST size
Thanks for reply

Yes PST and OST Outlook files are not good when they get very large can become corrupted. You generally have to end up splitting a Large OST into multiple PST files which is a pain.

That’s one reason I imported all my old eg: Outlook 12GB files into eM Client (Via the Import whole account) option years ago where so far i haven’t had issues with synching email etc. So i would try importing your 50GB OST file.

If you have any issues importing the one 50GB OST file, then try splitting the OST into eg: two 25GB PST files and do the Import again.

See below thread post from Olivia Rust (eM Client support) on importing an OST file.

Note:- Make a copy of the original OST file first just incase you have any issues when importing.


Olivia_Rust eM Client Support

Mar '16

importing OST files directly is not supported and we do not plan to have this option in the future.
OST files are primarily meant for offline storage of data to later synchronize with the server. As such, data in a single file could be incomplete.
However, if you choose the option to Import data from Microsoft Outlook>Import whole accounts , the data will be loaded from both PST and OST files available.