Database Encryption Feature!

Database Encryption - It would be great if you provide Encryption to the Database, since everybody can export the Db… It is really must feature- and I think many customers will like it. Privacy is very important this days. Do you plan to put this in feature?

Thank you!

Hi, you can set password protection to database in Tools - Settings - General - Password protection.


Hi Jan,

So if I would set a password, all data in the database will be encrypted?

So also if I would open the database with another program, and not knowing the password, I won’t be able to see the ‘original’ contents? Only encrypted data?

No, data will not be encrypted. But users accessing eM Client without permission will not be able to read them.

Because eM Client rely on Windows features a lot we suppose that user will use Windows BitLocker for data encryption.


I expected that the data in the database would NOT be encrypted by just setting a password…because the original question was how to *encrypt* the data in the database, I asked for more detail.

Database encryption itself is not planned.


Security is big a concern of mine. I don’t want my database to be accessible to others. Windows Bitlocker isn’t the solution. As long as I’m logged in, Bitlocker drive data is exposed and vulnerable.

The ideal solution is one where only the eM Client application and the authenticated User can read the data.