database disk image malformed

While I learned from another post that you can rename the folder c:\user%username%\appdata\roaming\em Client to “eM Client backup” and then you can run the eM Client executable to resync your email, my problem is that in that backup folder I had many important emails that were in offline folders in eM Client such as tax receipts, orders, software keys and other information that was emailed to me.  How can I get those back?  This is devastating to me.  The version I am using is 7.0.27943.0.


If you have eM Client backup file you can un-zip it and import this database to eM Client.
To import unzipped database, please open Menu>File>Import.

I would rename the original emclient folder back to the correct name. There are better ways to resync the email in the database folder. The original local folders should return and be usable.

Thank you so much.  This worked for me.  I renamed the new folder than renamed the backup folder to the original name and it started up.  So just for safety, I also made a backup.  Thanks again!!

Glad it worked. Figured it would ;)  If you want to resync your online folders, navigate to “All mail”, right click, “Repair” and it will resync all your folders. It an take quite some time if you have a very large mail store. But it does work…