Hi. I’m using eM cClient 7.1 and all is good apart from an error message saying ‘database disk image is malformed’ I have not made a back up so I cannot attempt to restore from backup. This seems a bit different to other problems mentioned, so I am not sure how to proceed. Any thoughts or suggestions. Naturally I do not want to risk losing my emails. Thanks S.

Same problem that just started with 7.1.
The program keeps crashing and has to go through a prolonged database check twice to get fixed until it does it again a few hours later.

I have solved my problem. This is what I did: First of all create two new temporary folders on your desktop and then export your archived emails into one of the new folders and your contacts into the other one. Close eM Client, then go C:\Users\user name\AppData\Roaming\emClient and rename it as eM Client old. Then restart eM Client which will create a new folder automatically. Go to Accounts and enter your email address and Password. Emails in your inbox will download from the server. Then go to Import and import the archived emails from the temporary folder on your desktop and then import the Contacts from the other temporary folder. Carry out any customisation of settings to your preference. Finally (and very important) go to Settings/Backup and select a location for your Backup folder (preferably on a different drive if available) and then go to File/Backup and make your first Backup. Remove the temporary folders you created and all should be well. It seems that database image malformation can occur for unknown reasons but it should be straightforward to fix if you have a recent Backup. I am no expert just a user, so if I can sort this out,you probably can too! S.

Excellent step-by-step solution Stuart. I like that you included a backup as the final step of setting up the client. Regular backups are very important.

I need to do this also. But in order to use the solution above, how do you “export your archived emails”? I don’t see anything in the menus about exporting.

Menu > File > Export