database disk image is malformed

Since this morning I am getting the following message everytime I refresh my inbox:
“database disk image is malformed”

No mail is being downloaded on em Client from the server. I can however send emails.

I saw some people had this issue a few years ago but since I’m using the latest release of em 7 I don’t know if the solutions suggested then still apply. Also, I do not understand exactly what following those instructions would imply. Will I loose all my emails if I setup a new database?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi, i’m not the developer, but i analyzed the problem looking in the log files and trying to open the databases. I use emClient version 6. First of all my recommendation when using emClient again, because it is a good tool, please activate the automatic backups! Other tools does not have such techniques but the problem is, this is deactivated for default, grrr. 
So whats going wrong. emClient uses SQLLite as database, because this database could be used simply "embedded in the emClient application. But this is the only advantage using sqlite. SQLite is not registered in the windows registry (or in no other OS registry). So when you know shut down your PC or the pc goes in hibernate mode, then the database close handle will still be oben, because it gets no “close” signal from your OS! The database stays in this state and that is the problem. So when you will start emClient know, then the database cannot be opened again. 
A second problem can be, when the index from a database table will currently be re-indexed and your pc shuts down in parallel, then the database table index gets corrupt. So, when an item from the database should be read into memory, then the item could not be retrieved and the process stops with an exeption. The exception title then is equal to your thread title above!

Currently i am looking for a solution to the second problem. What i will do know: I use the sqlite3 command line tool for tests. Each database file must be imported to the command line tool with


And then do the check command

pragma integrity_check;

When it says “Ok” then this database file will be ok!

When we can found a file which will return not “Ok” then we can have look whats going wrong in detail. Then we can re-index the table for example, creating a new index, this should repair the database.

In my case i can start emClient, but every time the automatic check dialog will pop up and then i only can put the dialog away from the viewport to get a look on the emClient user interface. But i cannot send or receive new emails.

A Tip for you:
I have the problem, that i move emails away from i imap folder to a local folder. So the following trick does not work for me, but eventually from you:

Go To:


and have a look to the folder

\eM Client

Rename the folder to

\eM Client_BACKUP

Then restart emClient and create your email account from scratch, entering your email and passwort again and follow the instructions. After the sync process, all of your emails should be right in place and all will be good.
For me, this is not enough, but for you it can work. For me, this procedure brings not my local stored emails back :-(.