database check

a customers machine randomly started to do the data base check, passes but always repairs 1 item and then doesnt open EM client. 
when trying to load it up again it just goes through the same process. 

it was setup as a POP account and he had HUNDREDS of folders with many subfolders too… 
this could be a reason for us to stop using EM client with customers. 

the support is rather poor and we are seeing more and more faults the more we use it. 
i appreciate its a “free” product, 
we were a reseller for EM client and have put a lot of our customers on the paid for version. 

but it would appear been a free user or a paid user makes no difference to the support received. 

I’m hoping they have not become so big can no longer afford the support provided some yrs ago. When I started 5-6 yrs ago I actually had a very  helpful tech support guy on the phone walking me thru the account setup. Support was awesome. And I’ve never used the pay version, with only one site in my home. Now I see many problem queries appear to go unanswered, hope I’m wrong.

HOWEVER, I also read many complaints/issues laughably presented Get real !!!

People: You can not expect decent help if you write this kind of thing describing your problem:

  • Can’t send email.  (no rev#, no background info, zip)
  • Too slow.
  • Broken.
  • Does not work.
  • Can’t export.
  • Add new feature xxx  that I’m probably the only one on the planet that would ever use it. Really? For a free product?
  • Missing account.
  • Program sucks.
  • etc…
    Would you take your car to the shop and when the mechanic asks “what do you need” you say: “car broken” then walk away and expect him to repair it?

Crack those knuckles, limber up the fingers and type some actual words at the keyboard. Rev#, what were you doing when it glitched, new problem?, long term problem? what have you tried to fix it if anything? Did you reinstall? if so, after a full and thorough uninstall? Remove then recreate your account? Create a new temp account just to experiment with and see if problem reoccurs?  Reboot and retry. Yeah, it’s time consuming.

You get the picture.

i totally get where you are coming from, i deal with customers on a daily basis on the phone and in person. 

firstly i dont want to waste my valuable time giving information not relevant,
or to not get any response. which is usually the case. 

been a repair tech by day most of my time is wasted by people waffling on with useless information. 
i included the basic issues in the hope that someone who has had the same or similar. 

  1. i can only go off the information provided by the customer prior to the problem, and most times they are far from accurate. it just started out of the blue. 

  2. we have taken the app data from the em client directory and tried it in a fresh install of EM client on a different computer. 

  3. tried a repair install of em client it completed the repair but didn’t fix the issue. 

  4. we made a back up of his em client about 6months ago when he was in. tried to restore the backup to a working version of em client. same fault. 

when i say same fault i am referring to my original post. 

it looks like the EM database is corrupt… 

what i am trying to do is find the 3 directories that can be taken from the current installation and put into a fresh installation. 

a while ago i found a post regarding moving 3 directories ( folders for the younger generation ) but the post has disappeared. 

Sorry if I sounded like I was complaining about your post or it’s level of detail, I was not. It was just a general rant about other minimalist posts. Somehow I must  have clicked on something that sends me ALL problem posts and I see many that are so silly in their  brevity I can’t believe it. I get a dozen or so posts a day which gives me a good view of the kind of problems people are having, mainly with v7, which is why I’m avoiding it.

Wish I could help, but while I’ve seen my share of weird stuff on v6 and earlier over the years, at the moment (knock on wood) it’s pretty solid. I just have this new lag in downloading new mail that started a few wks ago that’s baffling. I sent a detailed post in on that a couple days ago but no reply yet.

Good luck and you’ve done much of what I’d do in terms of reinstalls, new accounts, etc.

PS: for anyone kicking the tires, when it’s working right eMClient is a great Outlook replacement. it syncs seamlessly with all things Apple including iCloud. When my wife adds a calendar item on her iPad, I see it o my PC immediately and vice versa. Very cool.