Database check on startup

Fairly consistently if I do a system restart with em client running, (or windows does an automatic update) it will require a database check when it comes back up again.
This is pretty unacceptable behaviour - windows tells every program that it is shutting down so there is no reason that the em client database can’t be closed properly.

Presumably there is a risk that it will fail a database check - resulting in a bunch of lost time while I resync everything or worse lose a bunch of mail.

Looking back through the forum this appears to have been an issue for ages (or its resurfaced again).

You can stop the database check (as I experienced) without data loss but searching in emails will take much longer or may fail.

Yes – this is an issue since ages and seems to stay as a companion in version 8, too (I had this in V8 beta, too). But as I experienced, too, the frequency of database checks decreased significantly from version to version. This gives me hope…

I find if i wait aprox 5-6secs after closing EM Client and then shut down my pc, I then 99.9% of the time don’t get any database check errors on startup. I figure EM Client just needs a little time to 100% close in the background depending on the size of the mail database etc. Currently im using V8 latest Beta.

I agree. I have aprox. +40k emails in my database. But closing emClient before closing Windows prevents in most cases a database check.

I have only now gone to version 8. Now the theatre starts again with the database check at the start of EMClient. I have disabled “Minimize application to system tray” and “Minimize to system tray when closing” under Settings/General. Even if I quit EMClient via “Menu/End” does not help. Is there really no right solution? I have only 5200 emails and 9 accounts.

So I tried to exit eMClient via the menu first, then slowly count down to 10 and only then shut down windwos 10. It now seems that it works. The database is now not checked over and over again.

Still an issue, if you shutdown Windows and EM was on, it will mess up and start database checking for minutes… This is a feature you will never have with a free program like thunderbird, outlook, windows mail, k9, opera mail / vivaldi… only a mail program with a license will be programmed that badly… amazing!!

Why don’t you just use your free Outlook?

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I was thinking to move from Thunderbird to eM Client. I am just testing eM Client, and I got a “database checking” after shutting down windows.
Is this issue still not solved today??


I got a “database checking” after shutting down windows.

Database checking errors on startup is not a current issue with eM Client with a stock Windows 10.

There is usually 4 reasons why you get database checking errors on startup after shutting down Windows.

1). You may not have given eM Client enough time (to close in memory) after exiting the program so then can cause a database checking error on startup. So make sure you allow at least 5-6 secs after exiting eM Client before shutting down Windows.


2). You have some “other background program running” interfering with eM Client closing in the background after exiting the program, so eM Client is (not closing properly in memory) & stuck, and again gets the database checking error on startup.

To check if this is the issue, (after exiting eM Client) before shutting down, (Right click on the Taskbar) at the bottom and click (Task Manager). Then look in the (Processes Tab) to see if eM Client is still running in “Apps” or “Background” Processes. Scroll right down to the bottom to dbl-check.

If eM Client is still in the Task Manager and stuck closing then check in your “Startup Tab” and “Users Tab” to see what other programs are running. Common programs that can cause interference with mail clients closing are eg: Optional Security / Firewall programs, Optional Antivirus programs etc.


3). Your eM Client database does have an error in it and needs the account removing and re-adding as new. So if eM Client (is closing ok) in the Task Manager after aprox 5-6 secs, then your current eM Client account needs removing and re-adding as it then sounds like the database has an error in it.

You can remove and re-add the account via “Menu / Accounts” in the Windows version of eM Client. Before removing the account, click “Menu / Backup” incase you need to restore for any reason.


4). Lastly the only other reason is you might have an older version of eM Client and it needs updating. You can check what version you have via the version history page.

Thanks for the detailed answer !

I just installed eM Client some days ago, i’m the “testing / investigating” phase (stock windows 10).
Point number 1.) from your list concerns me. I have eMC opened and i just shutdown computer. I do not manually close mail client (and other apps) and only after that to press shutdown. I will test more, but if this is the issue, then i consider it an issue of eM Client. It should just block shutting down (like e. g. : any opened unsaved excel file) until all processes are finished.
But i will test more, thanks again for the hints and directions mentioned.