Database Backup taking an hour

Database backup used to take ~ 20 minutes it has more than doubled to 45+ minutes. While executing, the system is noticeably slower and there is a hesitation/delay in keystrokes when typing. This did not used to occur.

The database is under 11 GB. Is this a sign of an impending problem? Or the “New Normal”? I’d like to head it off before a catastrophe hits.

Windows 10 Home build 17763
i7 processor
500 GB SSD drive with 265 GB free

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You did not say what version of eM Client you are using Kevin.

If you are experiencing this slowdown since upgrading, maybe uninstall eM Client, then download and install 7.2.35595 from the Release History. You won’t lose any data if you choose NOT to delete the database during the uninstall. See if that makes any difference.

Thank you. I just checked my current version and it is actually way back @ 7.2.34062.0   I periodically click on “check for updates” I’ve not received any notice. I just tried it again. After clicking on check for updates the words disappear and, again, nothing happens. 

So something must be wrong/corrupted.  Before I uninstall and install a new version:
1- Should I run some sort of repair routine on the database under the current version?

2- Should I update to the lastest version or one prior?

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Yes, you can run the database repair option and see if there are any issues. To do that close eM Client and run C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\DbRepair.exe.

No need to uninstall, just download the latest from the Release History and install it.

Hi Kevin,
You wrote:

So something must be wrong/corrupted.

The fact that  the software doesn’t indicate a new version doesn’t mean there is
something wrong or corrupted.

it only means that the software doesn’t detect a new version on the server.
The only thing to make sure, is to check manually and go to the website.
Release History.

But before you download or install anything, you check the forums in regards
to problems encountered with the versions.

I’ve used this method for years - not only for eM Client but other software and Windows updates as well…

E.g.  the 2 latest versions - v7.2.36465.0  and v7.2.36694.0  have had their share of complaints from some people.
That’s why Gary referred you to v7.2.35595.0 as the one wih fewer complaints.
But v7.2.36694 may well work for you because of a different setup on your Win 10

When you Update, you don’t have to uninstall.
It’s when you downgrade (“downdate” …) that  you uninstall - keeping the Database -
and after that finishes you install the previous indicated (or advised)  version.
(See Gary’s answer above)