Data Storage Location on computer

I’ll admit I am a new user but am LOVING this wonderful application. I am in the process of migrating from ‘The Bat’ and think this is a wonderful email client; highly complex and takes a while to know. When I initially installed it I failed to identify the location of the files/storage. I have a reasonably large machine and multiple drives with one primary, multi gig, drive for main storage. I keep all the Windows 10 stuff on a separate drive. I also use Dropbox for syncing my data storage and offline disk array for backup.

Now the question! How can I MOVE my eM client data to my large capacity storage drive and how is it best to backup the data in the eM client? I see where it may be ‘stored’ but it doesn’t look right. I can find no location tap in the menu nor can I find anything in the documentation or on this great information site. I know I can’t be the only one to wonder. I would really hate to have to set this all up again, I have over 20 accounts set up and many ‘rules’ set that seem to be working.

So please HELP!?!?!

Skip Stein
[email protected]

Ok, So VERY SORRY for my babbling on files. I have located the file structure, successfully copied it to my alternate drive/location and moved it. I is working just fine so far as I can see. I simply found the menu\settings\Storage and pointed it at my relocated drive location. Easy peasy! Sorry for all the babbling Gary!

This setting is in Menu > Settings > General > Storage.

To use another location, change it there, then exit eM Client. A cloud synced folder won’t work, so don’t use one. External disks and network shares are also prone to database errors, and affect performance of the application, so better not to use one of those either.

You can then move the database from its current location, to the new one and restart eM Client. By default the database is the C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\eM Client\ folder. You may have to enable hidden items in Explorer to get there.

I have E M Client on my PC as my main email system. I have about ten years of old messages in assorted folders.

On my Android phones and tablets I use Aquamail.

I am about to be away from my PC and understand there is an Android version of EMC.

Can I use my Dropbox account so that if I need to look at one of those old messages I could install EMC on my Android travel tablet?

London UK